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Never Look Silly In Front of A Crowd Again

There is a saying that goes, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”… this saying could not be any more relevant when it comes to presenting.

When you know that you have crossed your “t’s” and dotted your “i’s”, you have a higher level of confidence and experience significantly less anxiety.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist that would virtually guarantee you have done everything you can to prepare for and maximize your talk?…

In addition, wouldn’t it be great to have a reference guide asking the right questions that FORCE you to be on your A-game?

That is EXACTLY what our presentation checklist does for you!

Just like a pilot goes over his pre-flight checklist, you must go over your pre-presentation checklist. But it doesn’t stop there, there are very subtle things that you should do DURING your presentation, that if overlooked, quite literally can make or break your performance.

And even if you do everything perfect before and during your presentation, you’re still only 2/3’s there, because there is a another list of other actions that must be complete.

You work hard to create your presentations and the opportunities to speak, make sure you’re maximizing them!

The Good vs. Evil Crusade


10X Business Letter
April 24th, 2014
San Diego, Ca
Windy 62 Degrees


Dear 10 X Business Builder,


I like to think of myself as an ‘action taker’, someone who creates a plan and then tackles it with all his might.  


Then again, most people think they are above average looking — and statistically we know that is impossible!!!


Though, I like to see myself as a person of action, if I’m dead honest with myself, I’m a procrastinator.  Not all the time, only when I have something important to do.


If it’s something that just needs to get done but isn’t really that big of deal, ie – returning a phone call or say, creating a template for our coaching programs, I will bang those out faster than most!


But if it’s something I classify as really ‘important’… my primary reaction is to stall.


Kaskade, one of favorite music producers, has a song that goes: “I have an angel on my shoulder, but a devil in my head”.  


I can relate.  When I have to do some mission critical work, I have the action taker voice saying, let’s knock this out right now.  But I also have the procrastination devil saying, “Jeff, this is important, really put some thought into it.”  How about you organize your office and ‘think about it’” or, “think about it today, and LATER tonight, you can put your thoughts on paper”


Or my favorite, “Maybe I should wash my car”.  I know some important business stuff is about to be done if I want to clean my ride, of all things.


I believe one of the reasons I do this is because I put undue pressure on myself. 
I make it bigger than it is.  


This happens every time I have to write a sales letter, create copy for a paid campaign or create a presentation from scratch.


The funny thing is, when I actually sit down and do the work — it’s actually not that difficult.  The key is just getting over that initial inertia.


You have to literally fight with every ounce of your will to get through this resistance.


Sometimes, you have to close the door, turn off your phone, and go to battle with the procrastination devil — it’s really that simple.


The Good vs. Evil crusade.


I know I’m not the only one who is infected with this potentially debilitating tendency.


After talking to thousands of people about the topic of public speaking, I can tell you that one of the biggest reasons people never really get that first successful talk is because they don’t START IT.


They don’t start because they procrastinate.


They procrastinate because they make it bigger than it really is.  They assume it’s going to be too arduous to create the presentation, too difficult to book the talk and too scary to deliver it.


I’m not saying any of those tasks are simple, but they’re not as difficult as people make them.


I’ve lost count at the number of past seminar attendees that have told me, once they did it, they couldn’t believe they hadn’t done it sooner.


The point is, if you’ve been putting off some important business tasks:


A.) You’re not alone; I wage war monthly.

B.) You’re probably making it bigger than it is.


If you want to make a dent in the world, if you have big plans, then it’s paramount you figure out a way to conquer this monster.


And to that I say, “raise your weapons!



Loving Living Giving Large,

Jeff Paro 
EditorThe 10X Business Letter

P.S. - Want some coaching on to get create and deliver that first presentation?  We have a digital coach right here.


[Video Series] Speak with Confidence series – Video 5

10X Business Letter
March 15th, 2014
San Diego, Ca
Windy 67 Degrees

Speak with Confidence series – Video 5

Welcome back to our “Speak with confidence” video series. From all the ideas we have covered so far in this FREE training series, this specific strategy has impacted me the most.

When you fully implement this simple idea, you will have an entire new attitude about presenting your message in front of groups of people, regardless if it is in front of a camera or a live audience.


Let me know if this idea is helpful to you.

Roberto Monaco
The 10X Business Letter
Co-Founder, Influenceology

P.S. – Have you reserved your seat for our next Influencing From the Front program? 

Answer this Question or Die



10X Business Letter 

April 10th, 2014 

San Diego, Ca 

Comfortable 67 Degrees 



Dear 10 X Business Builder,


One of the great benefits of being a public figure in your chosen space is you are always abundant with opportunity.  


Meaning, people will always want to be involved with you, either as a client or as a partner.  


It’s a phenomena that will happen 100% of the time if you put yourself out there.


People recognize, by the mere fact that you are willing to get out there and speak, you’re a go-doer.


Some of the opportunities are great and some are…. Well, let’s just say “not so great” .


You always have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince, right?


Recently, Roberto and I had an opportunity that came across our desk that really sparked our interest…


It had all the things we look for.  


It had a founder with a proven track record, who was a team player and knew he can’t do it alone.  It had a patentable technology.  It was well funded.  A working beta version is already built.  The exit strategy was easy to understand and very viable.  The board of directors and advisors are a proverbial list of who’s who’, leaders of companies that are household names… — We were excited!


Roberto and I were honored that we might be able to be involved in building this company, so we set up an “exploratory” phone conversation.


When we got on the phone with the founder, we were instantly impressed with the opportunity, not only for the above reasons, but because the founder began expounding on all the verticals that this technology could be used in [the market size]… — Now we were really excited!


But in the back of mind something wasn’t sitting right.  I couldn’t quite verbalize it yet, but I knew something was about to come spewing out of my mouth.  [It’s a familiar feeling I’ve had many times before and usually it comes out quickly and without a filter.]


Sure enough, the founder was in mid sentence explaining all the cool features of his baby, when I rudely blurt out,…


“But,what PROBLEM does it solve UNIQUELY and BETTER than all the available alternatives?!”


I could see it kinda caught him off guard. (I’m not sure if it was the question, or the timing :0)


But nonetheless, he couldn’t answer it.


This is a common challenge that I see entrepreneurs make frequently, and that is NOT being able to explain what your widget will DO for your prospect.


Here’s why you must be able to answer this question or your business is bound to die.


There is NO company if there are NO sales.  (Unless you are Snap Chat or Instagram!)  And there is no sales if you don’t have an effective offer.  And you can’t have an effective offer if you articulate what your widget DOES for your prospect. 


Essentially, this is your USP (unique selling proposition).  It’s the fundamental question that you need to be able to answer.


You need to step into the your prospect’s shoes and answer their dominant question, “why should I choose you, versus everyone (or every other option) that says they do what you do?


When speaking with entrepreneurs I find they struggle with this because they want to talk about ALL the features.


Understanding USP’s and competitive advantages can become very complex and very academic if you let it.


It doesn’t need to be.  


But, if you want to dedicate your life to studying marketing and knowing every possible way you can compete then read Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter.


But all you really need to know is people do things for one of two reasons:

  • To gain pleasure, or 
  • To avoid pain. 

Research shows people are more willing to act to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.  So even though both can be used to sell something, I choose to stack the odds in my favor and use PAIN.


And when are people in the most pain?  




That’s why it’s so important to focus your messaging on problems you solve.


This is most easily illustrated with smoking as the example.  


I don’t know if there has been more money poured into a cause than, “Stop smoking” campaigns.


I don’t think there is a soul on this planet who doesn’t know that smoking is bad for you — yet people still smoke.


Advocates use both pain and pleasure to try and persuade cessation.  The promise of seeing your kids graduate (pleasure) and disturbing videos of people on breathing apparatuses (future pain). 


But what generally has to happen before someone quits?  Yep, you guessed it.  The doctor reports cancer, emphysema or the like (Problem).  


A vendor of cessation products is more likely to sell to that person now when they have a a real problem than when it was promises of pleasure.


This is why I say focus on the BIGGEST problem you solve and figure out a way to solve it uniquely.


At InfluenceOlogy we help people overcome their FUNDA (Fear, Uncertainty, Nervousness, Doubt and Anxiety) of speaking in front of groups.  We solve this problem uniquely with our holistic four part teaching frame work – the psychology of an influencer, Structures, Delivery techniques and Increments of influence.


What does our program DO for you? It transforms you from a mediocre presenter, into a powerful Influencer.


Being able to answer the question, “What PROBLEM does my product/service solve UNIQUELY and BETTER than all the available alternatives?” is the starting point because if you can’t sell, you don’t have a business.


Loving Living Giving Large,

Jeff Paro 
EditorThe 10X Business Letter

P.S.If you’d like to learn more about our unique framework it’s all right here.